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HairContrast is one of Europe’s leading companies in hair extensions, wigs and hair care products. We strive to be a company that puts our customers satisfaction first, ensuring that they will become self-confident after using one of our wide range of products. We offer exclusive hair loss solution products for patients suffering with Alopecia or others affected by hair loss. Furthermore, we offer a fashionable collection of hair extensions for length, thickness, volume, colour, styling and effects. Lastly, we want our partnered salons/stylist to be educated with all of the product knowledge.

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Welcome to the Client Center – HairContrast Family!

Here at HairContrast we prioritize everyone within the HairContrast family, which includes our staff, partners and our customers; ensuring everyone is satisfied with our service and products. Our products are spread out within 3 categories, which are Hair Care, Hair Extensions and Hair Loss Solution:

Hair Care: Wide range of products with an emphasis on treating the hair with care. A great assortment of products from our White Mineral of Copenhagen line that is specially designed for those with long hair. Hair Care also consist of Training Tools, which are perfect for hair stylists to work with for educational and professional purposes. Lastly, high quality electronic products are available, such as a blow dryer, hair straightener, etc.

Hair Extensions: Specific Hair Extensions products that belong to several brands that we carry, which have been organized by category:

  • Tape – Hair Extensions that are attached to the hair via Tape
  • Clip-In – Hair Extensions that are attached to the hair via Clips
  • Effects – Hair Extensions that has an Effect(not in the norm), such as having different textures, colours, etc
  • Permanent – Hair Extensions that are attached to the hair by braids, clips, tape or being sown in for Long Term purposes
  • Length – Hair Extensions that are perfect for adding more Length to the hair
  • Volume – Hair Extensions that are perfect for adding more Volume to the hair
  • Wedding – Hair Extensions that are ideal for a Wedding
Hair Loss Solution: Specially designed products that act as a solution for hair loss. Whether it is pattern baldness, minor or excessive hair loss, no matter what the size or amount of hair loss, our products can give people the self confidence boost they need. All hairpieces and wigs are available in 100% REMY Human Hair, which gives the end user a natural look and the hair can be personalized to the clients preference since there are no restrictions for the cut, colour, style, etc. We also are proud to have released our patented wig called “Air Skin,” which is designed for patients suffering from Alopecia.



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