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HairContrast is one of Europe’s leading companies in hair extensions, wigs and hair care products. We strive to be a company that puts our customers satisfaction first, ensuring that they will become self-confident after using one of our wide range of products. We offer exclusive hair loss solution products for patients suffering with Alopecia or others affected by hair loss. Furthermore, we offer a fashionable collection of hair extensions for length, thickness, volume, colour, styling and effects. Lastly, we want our partnered salons/stylist to be educated with all of the product knowledge.

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Specialize Your Salon: Hair Loss, Thin Hair, Hair Extensions


Specially designed for minor hair loss.


Specially designed for pattern baldness.


Specially designed for excessive hair loss.

Help your customers with our unique hair loss solutions.

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A unique hairpiece – either to add more volume or length on top or to cover a receding hairline or even a bald spot. The T-Parting is made of 100% human Remy hair. It can be taped on to the hair or used as a clip-on at your client’s preference, then cut and styled to your client’s wishes.

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This product is specially designed for pattern baldness. The inner material is very flexible and gentle to skin and hair. It is easy to attach and comfortable to wear.

It will be custom made in the exact size of the affected area. The hair is 100% premium human Remy hair.

We are able to match the clients own colour and ensure a natural look.

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This new hair solution is a specially designed hairpiece for clients with major hair loss, bald spots, or extremely thin or brittle hair.

A large number of clients have this problem and therefore it has been a high priority for HairContrast to develop a hairpiece that is specially designed to meet this challenge.

The Top Extension collection is a unique hair lengthening and thickening system that is very gently to the hair and scalp.

The hair is 100% premium human Remy hair.

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